My name is Mie West

Mie is pronounced like "my" as in "those are my books" or "have you met my friend, Mie?"

<aside> 🥧 Easy way to remember: Mie like pie.


My pronouns are they/them and she/her

This means I'm okay with either in all situations. You can use both or just one.

Not sure which to use? Use they/them, it's what I prefer!


Mie went to the park.

I went with them.

Mie brought their frisbee.

They are learning to throw.

They are enjoying themself.


Mie went to the park.

I went with her.

Mie brought her frisbee.

She is learning to throw.

She is enjoying herself.

I'm non-binary and transgender 🏳️‍🌈

My gender is not entirely male or female and I've known since I was young.

After meeting other transgender people as an adult, I started taking steps to transition.

If you knew me before I transitioned, nice to meet you for a second time! 🙋

Quick Questions

Words like Ms., ma'am, ladies, etc?

I prefer gender-neutral terms like Mx. West ("mix west"), person, enby, or enbies.

I'm not a woman, but I'm okay with feminine words like ma'am, miss, girl, or ladies.

I'm not a man, and words like Mr., sir, or he/him pronouns are inappropriate for me.

Singular they and grammar?

Some people were taught growing up that singular 'they' was bad grammar or offensive.